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TRUE EARTH Solstice summit

an absolutely epic summit you do not want to miss. 

Join us for the True Earth Solstice Summit and unlock the power of abundance. Experience transformative sessions, connect with like-minded truth seekers, and discover practical strategies to fuel your growth. Don't miss out on this extraordinary event! Secure your tickets now at and embrace a life of limitless possibilities!

It’s the final countdown!

We’re almost there! The countdown is now on, and we’re a few days away from the True Earth Solstice Summit. Make sure to grab your tickets!













Prepare to experience unparalleled growth at the True Earth Solstice Summit. With a variety of ticket options available, you can tailor your participation to match your aspirations. Choose from a one-time ticket for this year's event, an annual pass granting you access to a year of transformative gatherings, or secure a lifetime pass for unlimited entry to all future summits. Whether you opt for general admission or VIP, each ticket includes exclusive access to the 2023 True Earth Solstice Summit, a virtual event bag brimming with invaluable resources, and generous discounts on products and services. By selecting the VIP option, you'll enjoy additional benefits and enhancements that will amplify your summit experience. Take this moment to invest in your growth by supporting your preferred speaker. During the checkout process, designate which speaker resonates with you the most, knowing that your contribution will directly impact their work. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to foster personal and professional growth. Purchase your ticket now and secure your place at the True Earth Solstice Summit! Visit to unleash your potential.

Tickets available below

June 23rd-24th Summit Admission

Virtual Event Bag 

Exclusive Product Offers/Discounts

day one SCHEDULE

True Earth Solstice Summit Lineup

2:00 PM PST


3:00 PM PST


3:30 PM PST


4:00 PM PST

Dr. Barre

5:00 PM PST

Brandon Bigsib

6:00 PM PST

Dr. Narco Longo from Old World Florida

7:00 PM PST

Jay Dreamerz

8:11 PM PST

David Avocado Wolfe


Q&A Panel 

day two SCHEDULE

True Earth Solstice Summit Lineup

9:00 AM PST


10:00 AM PST

David Parker & Dawn Lester

11:00 AM PST

Iru Landucci

12:00 PM PST

Austin Thompson

1:00 PM PST


1:30 PM PST


2:00 PM PST

Justin Harvey

3:00 PM PST

Kaleb & Derik 

4:00 PM PST

Santos Bonacci 

5:00 PM PST

6:00 PM PST




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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is included with a ticket purchase?

With a ticket purchase to the True Earth Equinox Summit, you'll receive access to the virtual summit for two days of presentations from a lineup of exceptional speakers. You'll have exclusive live and post-event access to the summit. You'll also receive a virtual gift bag filled with exclusive product and service discounts, and have the opportunity to purchase exclusive summit merchandise.

How do I support the speaker of my choice?

At checkout, simply enter the name of the speaker you'd like to support and your ticket purchase will directly contribute to their involvement in the summit. By supporting the speaker of your choice, you're not only getting access to the summit, but you're also helping to ensure that their voice is heard and their message is shared with the world.

When and how will I have access to the True Earth Solstice Summit?

Once you've purchased your ticket, you'll receive access to the virtual summit through the TrueEarther website. You'll be able to log in to the site and watch all of the presentations, Q&A sessions, comedy and music performances, and more from the comfort of your own home. You'll receive all of this information and access instructions via email after your purchase is complete.

What is included with the purchase of a VIP ticket?

A VIP ticket to the True Earth Equinox Summit includes all of the benefits of a general admission ticket, as well as exclusive VIP perks. This includes in-room access where you can ask questions directly to the speakers, access to an exclusive VIP after party, and special bonuses in your virtual gift bag. With a VIP ticket, you'll have a truly elevated and immersive summit experience.

What is included with an annual pass?

An annual pass includes access to all three summits for the next year: the True Earth Equinox Summit, the True Earth Solstice Summit, and the 2nd Annual True Earth Mt. Meru Summit. You'll receive the same benefits as a General Admission/VIP ticket to each of these summits, as well a year of access to all exclusive content on

Will I be able to access the event if I can not watch it live?

Yes! When you purchase a ticket to the True Earth Equinox Summit, you'll receive exclusive live and post-event access. This means that even if you're unable to watch the event live, you'll still be able to access all of the presentations, Q&A sessions, comedy and music performances, and more at your convenience. Your ticket gives you the flexibility to experience the summit on your own schedule, so you never have to miss a moment.